Windows Phone 8’s unannounced features revealed

Microsoft Surface Phone concept by Jonas-Daehnert (DeviantArt)

I wish this Microsoft Surface Phone concept was real…

The Windows Phone 8 SDK rumored to be released in the coming weeks but there are already some who have gotten their hands on leaked versions. Fortunately, they have been kind enough to show us what Microsoft has yet to tell us about. I have scoured the web for the new features that have yet to be announced officially. You shall find them after the break.

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BinarySauce gets a new look…

If this isn’t the first time you’ve visited my blog then you might have noticed the new look. I wanted to make my own custom theme but, since I’m only using a free WordPress account, I had no choice but to go for pre-made ones. My former theme was Clean Home and I liked the minimal look. The only problem is that it uses large headers and therefore looked very cluttered especially when there are images in my posts. The current theme is called Ari and follows minimalism as much as Clean Home. I do think it looks a lot better and it also has some features not available to the former theme.

CyanogenMod starts working on CM10 for the Galaxy Tab (P1000)! Preview is out for testing!

Screenshot of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy Tab

Cdesai, a CM device maintainer for the Galaxy Tab, has released a preview of their CM10 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM. I have tried it and took the screenshot above. As for every preview ROM, it is not yet ready for daily use. I wanted to test it a little longer but, unfortunately, I needed WiFi tethering which wasn’t working properly in this. Until WiFi tethering works, I’m sticking to CM9.

Want to try it yourself? Head to cdesai’s CM10 for the Galaxy Tab thread in XDA. Like I said earlier, this is a preview and therefore it isn’t feature-complete. There’s bound to be several unsquashed bugs. Not recommended as a daily driver but it could work as such for some.


Kinect-controlled trashcan ensures consecutive three-point shots of your garbage!

Well. Well. What do we have here? A trashcan that catches your airborne trash for you? A trashcan that saves you from missing on your paper-ball three-point shot? Yes! Awesomeness!

Japanese modder FRP created the Smart Trashbox (links to 日本語 site) that tracks flying debris with an apparently ceiling-mounted Kinect that controls a robot trashcan. He’s still working on the accuracy but he’s already got it working fine! I definitely want one and I’m hoping he makes a laundry hamper next time! Seriously! Haha!

Canon EOS M is confirmed, 650D (Rebel T4i) in a mirrorless camera body!

White Canon EOS M with EF-M 22mm lens

Canon has now officially unveiled the Canon EOS M, their first mirrorless ILC and it looks really pretty in white. The EOS M is basically a 650D (or Rebel T4i for the Americas I believe) hiding in a point and shoot. Under the hood it’s got an 18MP APS-C sensor, Canon’s latest DIGIC 5 processor, an ISO range of up to 12,800 (expandable to 25,600), and shoot at 4.3 frames per second. The body is made of magnesium alloy and comes in both black and white though the white version will only be available online apparently. It supports STM (stepping motor) lenses which will provide fast and silent autofocus – a boon for videographers. It doesn’t have a pop-up flash nor an electronic viewfinder which could be a potential turnoff to some but the fullsize hotshoe seems fully compatible with Canon’s Speedlite flashes, including the new $150 90EX strobe and ST-E3-RT Transmitter, and the GP-E2 GPS Receiver.

Update! The promo video, which you’ll find at the very bottom of this article, shows two additional colors: silver and red. I don’t know if those will be available worldwide though. My gut tells me it’s a Japan only affair but I hope it isn’t. I want the red one badly!

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Mark your calendars – Windows 8 will get released in October 26!

Surface for Windows RTSteven Sinosfky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that Windows 8 would be released on  October 26. That’s only a few months from now. RTM is rumored to be around September or so. No word on when the Surface tablets would be released yet but we can guesstimate that we’ll see the RT version in stores shortly after release. Time to save some bucks!


Other than Tech: My love for aquariums!

Blue female betta under the surface

One of my female bettas taking a sip of air under the surface of the water.

I have mentioned it a few times in my former posts but I’ll say it again: I have been setting up a new 155 gallon (that’s almost 600 liters)  tank in my room. It has kept me busy and has made me more tired than I ever was in the past few months – not that I’m complaining. Haha! I don’t mind the maintenance routines of a huge aquarium anyway. It’s good exercise.

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