Projects and Activities

Here’s where I’ll post about my personal projects and activities. What kind of projects and activities? Well, just about anything that is worth mentioning.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Ambassador

Last December, 2010 I was chosen by Samsung MENA (Middle East and North Africa) to represent their new product – the Galaxy Tab – as an Ambassador. We were given the task of making videos and promoting the Galaxy Tab through our blogs, social networks and by viral marketing. Honestly, I really think the Galaxy Tab is an awesome product regardless of the fact that I’m a Galaxy Tab Ambassador.

You should have noticed that I have numerous posts about the Galaxy Tab on this blog. Furthermore, I have created a post to showcase the videos that I made for the promotion. You may view that post through here. You may also find my videos through my YouTube channel MaizConKarne.

I’d like to thank Samsung for giving me a chance to promote such a product. My Galaxy Tab is still working until now and I’ve learned a lot about Android and modding because of it!

Kanade Wage, Overtime and Resignation Benefits Calculator

Kanade alpha

Kanade is personal project that I’ve done as an experiment while I get my hands wet with programming using Microsoft’s C# language. Though not the first program I ever wrote in C#, it is the first I have written with WPF for its UI as well as with animations.  The latest build alpha (shown above) is functional already for its purpose.


I also made another application to try making an animated and non-windowed WPF UI. Though still called Kanade it functions differently, calculating resignation benefits based on my current employer’s policy.

I might merge the two apps into one in the future or maybe port the code to Windows Phone 8. I’m not yet sure what I might do to the code but for now it isn’t in my priority list.

A Hanafuda Koi Koi game for Windows 8/RT

I am currently working on a Hanafuda Koi Koi game for Windows 8 and RT. Progress is slow given that I’m writing it on my free time (which I rarely have nowadays) and because I’ve never really written a game before aside from a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game that I wrote in VB.Net many years ago. I can’t really tell when I’ll be done. Some code concerning certain aspects of the game have been written already but much of it is still in the planning stages. I do wish to complete and release it to the public though so stay tuned if you’re interested.


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