Microsoft Surface + AR Drone = Awesomeness!

I’ve always wanted to get my hands on the Microsoft Surface. The AR Drone however not that much but it still is a toy I’d love to play with if anyone cares to let me borrow one. Guys like me love techie toys after all.

How about use the Surface to control the AR Drone?

Now we’re talking! Two cool niche devices being used in tandem is always a good thing… at least for me.

The video up there shows just that. The guy speaks Français though so if you can’t understand (neither do I) just watch it for the demo flight (exactly what I did).


Finally… the Win Galaxy Tab gallery is back!

A Happy Girl

As the title said, the Win Galaxy Tab gallery on Facebook is back online! I noticed that some comments have disappeared and that the registered Facebook likes are down to zero though. The app retained the number of likes from before the first removal of the app which means that likes can be duplicated now – or maybe not depending on how they implemented it. Some have mentioned it’s a little slower than before too although I didn’t notice that on mine. Also, for some reason, the page does not completely render in Chrome. It could just be my browser though.

Since the gallery is back please do check my videos! Thanks! 🙂

The Sony “PSP2” Codename NGP has been unveiled!

The Sony NGP (Next-Gen Portable)

The Sony NGP (Next-Gen Portable)

I was browsing Facebook today doing the usual (What else? Stalking people, of course! Hehehe! Just kidding!) when I noticed one of my friends posting a really interesting picture that said “The official pictures of Sony’s “NGP”.” word by word. I was like, what the hell is the NGP? Taking a closer look I saw what looked like a PSP with two analog sticks! Awesome? Hell yeah!

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Win Galaxy Tab is currently offline…


Without the Ambassador gallery I kinda feel like this...

Samsung MENA has temporarily pulled the plug on their Win Galaxy Tab Facebook app stating that they are currently having some minor technical issues with it. It saddens me that I can’t answer the questions of those commenting on my Galaxy Tab Ambassador videos as well as the fact that they can’t even watch my videos right now. I hope they bring it back soon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Teardown – iFixit

The Samsung Galaxy Tab retail box

The Samsung Galaxy Tab retail box. Click on the image to go straight to the teardown.

I am a very curious type of person. I always have this weird urge to take apart everything I own just to see what’s inside. It was one of the emotions that I felt when I got my Galaxy Tab courtesy of Samsung MENA. Of course, I can’t always do what I want. I don’t want to break things that cost too much to replace after all.

Fortunately, the guys at iFixit did it already which means I don’t need to take my tools out to dissect my Galaxy Tab! Head to the Samsung Galaxy Tab Teardown page at iFixit to see it yourself.

I Like It Clean, Clear and Simple

This pic has nothing to do with the post. I just wanted to attach it because it fits the title well. That's all to it. Oh yeah! It's cute too!

If you’ve seen this blog’s former theme then you could have guessed that I’m the minimalist type of person. As stated in the title, I like it clean, clear and simple so I was really happy when I noticed that WordPress has posted a new blog theme called Clean Home. I was planning to change my former theme because I noticed some things that I didn’t like about it but I didn’t want to stray too far away from the blog’s simple beginnings. Clean Home was exactly what I needed! It came at the right time too!

Simplicity is beauty.