Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S gets “dragged behind a car” scratch test

I find it such a waste to drag two brand spanking new devices at the back of a car just to scratch test them. They should have just given me the devices instead so that I could review them. I expected the results but it still makes me sad. Really makes me sad. I guess there are some people who has some cash to spare for such a test…

On another note, that guy must keep his blood pressure in check! Hahaha!


Canon EOS M is confirmed, 650D (Rebel T4i) in a mirrorless camera body!

White Canon EOS M with EF-M 22mm lens

Canon has now officially unveiled the Canon EOS M, their first mirrorless ILC and it looks really pretty in white. The EOS M is basically a 650D (or Rebel T4i for the Americas I believe) hiding in a point and shoot. Under the hood it’s got an 18MP APS-C sensor, Canon’s latest DIGIC 5 processor, an ISO range of up to 12,800 (expandable to 25,600), and shoot at 4.3 frames per second. The body is made of magnesium alloy and comes in both black and white though the white version will only be available online apparently. It supports STM (stepping motor) lenses which will provide fast and silent autofocus – a boon for videographers. It doesn’t have a pop-up flash nor an electronic viewfinder which could be a potential turnoff to some but the fullsize hotshoe seems fully compatible with Canon’s Speedlite flashes, including the new $150 90EX strobe and ST-E3-RT Transmitter, and the GP-E2 GPS Receiver.

Update! The promo video, which you’ll find at the very bottom of this article, shows two additional colors: silver and red. I don’t know if those will be available worldwide though. My gut tells me it’s a Japan only affair but I hope it isn’t. I want the red one badly!

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Other than Tech: My love for aquariums!

Blue female betta under the surface

One of my female bettas taking a sip of air under the surface of the water.

I have mentioned it a few times in my former posts but I’ll say it again: I have been setting up a new 155 gallon (that’s almost 600 liters)  tank in my room. It has kept me busy and has made me more tired than I ever was in the past few months – not that I’m complaining. Haha! I don’t mind the maintenance routines of a huge aquarium anyway. It’s good exercise.

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CyanogenMod teases CM10 on an LG Optimus 4X HD!

Jelly Beans by kapailuj (deviantArt)

Google released the Jelly Bean source code a few days ago so it was a big surprise seeing the progress CyanogenMod has made on porting the new flavor of Android into the LG Optimus 4X HD and even teases us with a video! It’s not perfect but the quick development is good news. I can’t wait to play with Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Tab!

Watch CyanogenMod’s Ricardo Cerqueira’s CM10 preview video after the break…

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My new 155 gallon aquarium! (video)

I’ve been busy setting up my new fish tank. It’s a whopping 155 gallons – the largest aquarium I have ever had in my room. My first and largest tank before was a 45 gallon and it was a wonderful heavily planted tank. Unfortunately, it’s broken now and has been decommissioned many years ago. Sadly, I also don’t have any photos or videos of that aquarium as I didn’t have a camera back then.

This new tank is still rather boring. I’m hoping to add tons of live plants whenever I have the opportunity. I need money to buy them but most of all they’re quite hard to get by here in Saudi Arabia. I wish I was back home in the Philippines where they are widely available and cheaper too – including fish. My hobby is obviously expensive in a desert country which is kinda sad.

I currently have two small angelfish, a school of eight black tetras, seven guppies and two mollies swimming in my tank. The livebearers (guppies and mollies) were borrowed from another smaller (16 gallon) tank in our living room. That tank has some goldfish at the moment.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rather boring video of my new aquarium. I’m going to make my tank a lot prettier in the coming months and I’ll be posting updates along the way. 🙂

Updated: My Samsung Galaxy Tab Ambassador Videos

Here’s a list of my videos that are currently in the Win Galaxy Tab gallery in Facebook arranged by chronological order of creation. I took the chance to explain how and what I used to make them too.

I would like to ask for your support and rate, share, like and comment on my videos if you think they deserve it. I’d really appreciate it!  If you live within the MENA region you just might win a Galaxy Tab too! Please refer to my guide to know which countries are eligible.

A YouTube link is also provided for better quality viewing, in case videos don’t play in the Win Galaxy Tab gallery. My YouTube uploads are 720p HD, by the way. If you chose to view them in YouTube, please don’t forget to go the the equivalent gallery page to rate, comment, like and share my videos! Thanks a bunch!

Update: The gallery links had to change slightly. I have adjusted all links accordingly.

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