Canon EOS M is confirmed, 650D (Rebel T4i) in a mirrorless camera body!

White Canon EOS M with EF-M 22mm lens

Canon has now officially unveiled the Canon EOS M, their first mirrorless ILC and it looks really pretty in white. The EOS M is basically a 650D (or Rebel T4i for the Americas I believe) hiding in a point and shoot. Under the hood it’s got an 18MP APS-C sensor, Canon’s latest DIGIC 5 processor, an ISO range of up to 12,800 (expandable to 25,600), and shoot at 4.3 frames per second. The body is made of magnesium alloy and comes in both black and white though the white version will only be available online apparently. It supports STM (stepping motor) lenses which will provide fast and silent autofocus – a boon for videographers. It doesn’t have a pop-up flash nor an electronic viewfinder which could be a potential turnoff to some but the fullsize hotshoe seems fully compatible with Canon’s Speedlite flashes, including the new $150 90EX strobe and ST-E3-RT Transmitter, and the GP-E2 GPS Receiver.

Update! The promo video, which you’ll find at the very bottom of this article, shows two additional colors: silver and red. I don’t know if those will be available worldwide though. My gut tells me it’s a Japan only affair but I hope it isn’t. I want the red one badly!

Black Canon EOS M back view

At the back is a 3-inch touchscreen which is how most of the settings and controls can be accessed. There are a few dials and buttons to be found at the back and around the camera.

White Canon EOS M top view with lens

Canon seem to be marketing it as a videographer camera and the reps have stated that “Video will be the real strength of this camera,”. The camera allows up to 1080p video capture at 24, 25, and 30 fps and saves them in MPEG-4 wrapped in a MOV container. It features Canon’s Movie Servo AF that provides continuous autofocus while shooting video through a hybrid phase-detect and contrast-detect. It also has a stereo mic, an external mic input, and a on-camera audio monitoring.

Canon EOS M EF mount adapter

One particular thing I like about the EOS M is that Canon has provided a way for us Canon DSLR users to adapt their EF lenses on the camera with no loss of quality or function. It is what I have been hoping for when the camera was leaked recently and I’m really glad it would be available. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the adapter probably makes the EOS M the mirrorless ILC with the most number of compatible lenses right now. See the mount adapter being used in the image below.

Canon EOS M with EF mount adapter with mounted EF lens

The camera with a 22mm STM lens will cost $799.99 and will be available in October (or September for our Japanese friends – lucky them). Several accessories will be released including an 18-55mm lens which will cost $299.99, a mount adapter at $199.99, and a new Speedlite at $149.99.

I have been hoping to get a secondary camera to complement my Canon EOS 550D and this might be the one I’m looking for. It’s small, portable, compatible with my lenses and has somehow similar specs to my current DSLR. It also has Movie Servo AF which will be great for taking videos – a feature that I hope my 550D had. The fast STM lens support can also help with taking pictures of my fish in my aquarium which are rather fast swimmers. I can’t wait to try using one myself!

Update! I just found a promo video!


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