Rumor Mill: Windows Phone 8 devices to get a standard USB port location

Apple Universal Dock

iPhones on universal docks. Photo by Yutaka Tsutano. Microsoft could be planning to provide a universal docking feature on all Windows Phone devices.

One of the things that made iOS very successful is the multitude of accessories it has – from keyboards to speaker docks, etc. – and this is because they used Apple’s proprietary port (which is rumored to be undergoing a huge change, by the way).

Microsoft may be going the same route. Currently, manufacturers seem to have their own idea for the best place to put a USB port: HTC seems to like the side (it’s on the left side on my HTC 7 Mozart), Nokia seems to prefer the top (as evident on my Lumia 710), while Samsung and many others prefer placing the port at the bottom. This creates a host of incompatibilities between devices making it impossible to create universal accessories. But if we were to trust what was being suggested by the position of the USB port on the Samsung Ativ S (currently the only official Windows Phone 8 device revealed) and the leaks of Nokia and HTC devices, we could be in for a nice surprise! Why don’t you take a peek at the photos after the break and see them for yourself?

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Mark your calendars – Windows 8 will get released in October 26!

Surface for Windows RTSteven Sinosfky announced at Microsoft’s annual sales meeting that Windows 8 would be released on  October 26. That’s only a few months from now. RTM is rumored to be around September or so. No word on when the Surface tablets would be released yet but we can guesstimate that we’ll see the RT version in stores shortly after release. Time to save some bucks!


Rumor Mill: The iPhone 5

Full Moon by Moroka323

Every once in a blue moon (and apparently tonight’s a full moon too, probably not blue though) I write about things I don’t really talk about much. Today’s one of those days as I will be talking about rumors and speculations surrounding the iPhone 5. I’m no fan of the iOS ecosystem but I do like technology regardless of who makes it. I do own an iPad 2 though and have played around with a few iPod Touch and iPhone devices that my friends own so I have some experience using iOS. Anyway, this is my first ever Apple-specific post so let’s get on with it!

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