Reflashed! My Galaxy Tab is running CM10 again!

About tablet...

Here’s a screenshot showing the current version the ROM running in my Galaxy Tab. Also notice that the UI is green instead of the original Holo blue. CM themes work on the latest CM10 preview!

A little more than a month ago I tried to install CM10 preview build for the original Galaxy Tab (P1000). Unfortunately, wireless tethering doesn’t work on it. Since wireless tethering is very important to me – I use my Galaxy Tab as a mobile hotspot for my phone – I had to go back to CM9… until now.

So, yesterday I went back to the CM10 preview thread to check its status and I was greeted by a new build (Build 4). As usual I used XDA’s search in thread function for wireless tethering and found one post that says it still doesn’t work. I kept my hopes up though and found that the HumberOS build along with a matching kernel has the feature that I need. I have experience with HumberOS ROMs and have used it until I switched to pure CM9 so I didn’t think twice about installing that version.

Hello again Jelly Bean!

Jelly Bean homescreen

This version looks and feels a lot smoother. It still lags (and I expected that) but it’s a lot more usable than the first builds that I tried. Nevertheless it seems stable enough as long as I don’t overclock. I tried overclocking a few times and my Galaxy Tab rebooted without warning. Of course, it’s not completely bug free like how the Gallery force closes when I try opening a high resolution (around 4000 x 5000) image which used to work well on CM9 among a few other things I’ve seen. Well, It’s a preview after all and so I can’t (and shouldn’t) complain.

I wouldn’t recommend the ROM to be used as a daily driver but, if you wish to do some tinkering, head to the link to the HumberOS article I posted above. I expect you to know what you are doing of course. I can’t be held responsible for whatever happens to your precious device.


CyanogenMod starts working on CM10 for the Galaxy Tab (P1000)! Preview is out for testing!

Screenshot of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy Tab

Cdesai, a CM device maintainer for the Galaxy Tab, has released a preview of their CM10 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM. I have tried it and took the screenshot above. As for every preview ROM, it is not yet ready for daily use. I wanted to test it a little longer but, unfortunately, I needed WiFi tethering which wasn’t working properly in this. Until WiFi tethering works, I’m sticking to CM9.

Want to try it yourself? Head to cdesai’s CM10 for the Galaxy Tab thread in XDA. Like I said earlier, this is a preview and therefore it isn’t feature-complete. There’s bound to be several unsquashed bugs. Not recommended as a daily driver but it could work as such for some.


CyanogenMod teases CM10 on an LG Optimus 4X HD!

Jelly Beans by kapailuj (deviantArt)

Google released the Jelly Bean source code a few days ago so it was a big surprise seeing the progress CyanogenMod has made on porting the new flavor of Android into the LG Optimus 4X HD and even teases us with a video! It’s not perfect but the quick development is good news. I can’t wait to play with Jelly Bean on my Galaxy Tab!

Watch CyanogenMod’s Ricardo Cerqueira’s CM10 preview video after the break…

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CyanogenMod will give us a taste of Jelly Bean, CM10 to come after stable CM9 release

Jelly Beans by kapailuj (deviantArt)

CyanogenMod has recently announced through their Google+ page that they would be working on CM7 (Gingerbread) and CM10 (Jelly Bean) after they release a stable version of CM9 (Ice Cream Sandwich). They don’t have the source for Jelly Bean yet which will be out in the next following weeks therefore they cannot really say what their release will be like. Fortunately though, Jelly Bean does not seem to be a major change over Ice Cream Sandwich and they should be able to do it without much fuzz… well, hopefully.

Cid CyanogenMod

Anyway, most if not all devices that could run CM9 should be upgradeable. The Galaxy Tab is one of them, of course. Let’s wish the CM team the best and offer them our full support! Cheers!

Google Voice Search answers oddball questions, proves it’s awesome

Android eating apple

Someone decides to put Android Jelly Bean’s Google Voice Search to a test by giving it 47 questions with some being rather humorous and creative. Google Voice Searched seem to have answered them all quite impressively and yes, the image above is related. Now I wish I had a Jelly Bean device to play with…

Head beyond the break to watch the video.

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The Nexus 7 is a tasty slab of Jelly Bean

Nexus 7

The rumor that a $199 Nexus tablet from Asus was spot on. Named Nexus 7, Google announced the new 7-inc tablet which runs Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean in the first day of Google I/O 2012. So what does the Nexus 7 have under its sleeve?

I wish I could have played with one myself but alas I’m on the other side of the globe from San Francisco. My opinions will then be based upon multiple sources and my experience with similar devices when it comes to size and materials involved. As for the software, I will also refer to my sources and to my experience to Ice Cream Sandwich which it appears to be most similar to.

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