Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S gets “dragged behind a car” scratch test

I find it such a waste to drag two brand spanking new devices at the back of a car just to scratch test them. They should have just given me the devices instead so that I could review them. I expected the results but it still makes me sad. Really makes me sad. I guess there are some people who has some cash to spare for such a test…

On another note, that guy must keep his blood pressure in check! Hahaha!


My new 155 gallon aquarium! (video)

I’ve been busy setting up my new fish tank. It’s a whopping 155 gallons – the largest aquarium I have ever had in my room. My first and largest tank before was a 45 gallon and it was a wonderful heavily planted tank. Unfortunately, it’s broken now and has been decommissioned many years ago. Sadly, I also don’t have any photos or videos of that aquarium as I didn’t have a camera back then.

This new tank is still rather boring. I’m hoping to add tons of live plants whenever I have the opportunity. I need money to buy them but most of all they’re quite hard to get by here in Saudi Arabia. I wish I was back home in the Philippines where they are widely available and cheaper too – including fish. My hobby is obviously expensive in a desert country which is kinda sad.

I currently have two small angelfish, a school of eight black tetras, seven guppies and two mollies swimming in my tank. The livebearers (guppies and mollies) were borrowed from another smaller (16 gallon) tank in our living room. That tank has some goldfish at the moment.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rather boring video of my new aquarium. I’m going to make my tank a lot prettier in the coming months and I’ll be posting updates along the way. 🙂