SkyDrive web interface gets a Modern UI face-lift, jumps into Android territory with official app too


I’ve been a SkyDrive user for a long time though I have not used the service much because of its limitations back then. I preferred Dropbox over SkyDrive because it allowed no file size limits and an easier way to synchronize files. I started to use SkyDrive more through automatic backups of photos and videos I took with my HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone but not much else. Their web app was clunky and cross-platform syncing of files through an official app was missing so I stayed with using Dropbox as my main cloud-storage solution.

Things have changed for the better though as SkyDrive underwent a transition that I think makes it a better service than it was before. Microsoft introduced a Dropbox-esque Windows (Vista and higher) and Mac OS X Lion app – a feature I’ve been waiting for (you can grab them here). Apps for Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices were also introduced. Windows 8 has it integrated. Only two problems left: the web interface and Android official app availability.

Not anymore…

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Microsoft details Windows Phone 8 Marketplace, in-app purchases

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

According to  a Windows Phone Developer Blog post the Windows Phone 8 Marketplace will be open to developers from 180 countries at launch! Of course, consumers from those areas can take advantage of that as well by being able to browse and download apps from those markets. Finally the Philippines is supported by the App Hub! I can now sign up as a developer! I am really stoked by this! Yay!

Additionally, as mentioned in the Windows Phone Summit, besides advertising and app sales, devs can now take advantage of monetizing their investments through in-app purchases – a boon for game devs! Kaching!

For now we wait for the developer tools for Windows Phone 8 which is apparently the same for Windows 8.

More information on the link provided above. You may also see the full list of supported markets after the break (it’s quite long!):

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