It’s the last night of the Perseids and I have yet to see a single streak of burning rock or ice or whatever falling from the edge of space!

Artwork by Seafh.

Today marks the last night the Earth passes through the debris of the comet Swift-Tutle and I haven’t seen a single shooting star to wish upon – not that I believe in wishes anyway. The problem is that I live in a city that literally glows with lights all over! Star-gazing is a hobby you can never enjoy in Riyadh! I have seen comets and the Milky Way back home in the Philippines when I was a kid but I have yet to see a meteor shower. I was hoping this year’s Perseids would be it but I was wrong. I guess I have no choice but to wait for next year or the one after that. I might just schedule my next vacation to have a chance at seeing and photographing a meteor shower. Damn I wish I lived in a place where I can watch the stars without the obstruction of city lights!