SkyDrive web interface gets a Modern UI face-lift, jumps into Android territory with official app too


I’ve been a SkyDrive user for a long time though I have not used the service much because of its limitations back then. I preferred Dropbox over SkyDrive because it allowed no file size limits and an easier way to synchronize files. I started to use SkyDrive more through automatic backups of photos and videos I took with my HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone but not much else. Their web app was clunky and cross-platform syncing of files through an official app was missing so I stayed with using Dropbox as my main cloud-storage solution.

Things have changed for the better though as SkyDrive underwent a transition that I think makes it a better service than it was before. Microsoft introduced a Dropbox-esque Windows (Vista and higher) and Mac OS X Lion app – a feature I’ve been waiting for (you can grab them here). Apps for Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices were also introduced. Windows 8 has it integrated. Only two problems left: the web interface and Android official app availability.

Not anymore…

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The Bing homepage has been Metrofied

Bing's new homepage

I use Bing as my default search engine but I rarely (well, almost never) go to the homepage as I have set Chrome to use Bing when I type search queries in the address bar. I ended up going into the homepage by accident though and this is what I found: Bing. Metrofied!

I like it. I actually think it’s beautiful. I don’t know when it has changed but I don’t really care about that now. With rumors of Hotmail going Metro, I can see each and every web service and product they have getting the Metro touch and I really look forward to that. It would make using Microsoft services a lot easier on tablets especially with Windows 8 on the horizon.

Bing Maps get updated, is now 165TB better

Bing Maps - Mayon Volcano

Bing Maps just updated their aerial and satellite images! I can finally see my house which used to be a vacant lot in the older Bing Maps even though my house has been up for years!

Anyway, the new images span around 38 million square kilometers updating images of places from all over the globe. They have also captured 160 “Areas of Interests” that include landmarks, monuments, and places people might like visiting. Why not try Bing Maps World Tour if you’ve got some time to spare? Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next vacation destination there.