SkyDrive web interface gets a Modern UI face-lift, jumps into Android territory with official app too


I’ve been a SkyDrive user for a long time though I have not used the service much because of its limitations back then. I preferred Dropbox over SkyDrive because it allowed no file size limits and an easier way to synchronize files. I started to use SkyDrive more through automatic backups of photos and videos I took with my HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone but not much else. Their web app was clunky and cross-platform syncing of files through an official app was missing so I stayed with using Dropbox as my main cloud-storage solution.

Things have changed for the better though as SkyDrive underwent a transition that I think makes it a better service than it was before. Microsoft introduced a Dropbox-esque Windows (Vista and higher) and Mac OS X Lion app – a feature I’ve been waiting for (you can grab them here). Apps for Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices were also introduced. Windows 8 has it integrated. Only two problems left: the web interface and Android official app availability.

Not anymore…

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Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S gets “dragged behind a car” scratch test

I find it such a waste to drag two brand spanking new devices at the back of a car just to scratch test them. They should have just given me the devices instead so that I could review them. I expected the results but it still makes me sad. Really makes me sad. I guess there are some people who has some cash to spare for such a test…

On another note, that guy must keep his blood pressure in check! Hahaha!

Rumor Mill: The iPhone 5

Full Moon by Moroka323

Every once in a blue moon (and apparently tonight’s a full moon too, probably not blue though) I write about things I don’t really talk about much. Today’s one of those days as I will be talking about rumors and speculations surrounding the iPhone 5. I’m no fan of the iOS ecosystem but I do like technology regardless of who makes it. I do own an iPad 2 though and have played around with a few iPod Touch and iPhone devices that my friends own so I have some experience using iOS. Anyway, this is my first ever Apple-specific post so let’s get on with it!

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Google Chrome is now available for iOS

Google Chrome running on the iPad

One thing I hated about iOS is Safari. Call me whatever you want but I just completely and thoroughly hate it and only used it when I really need to. I don’t really surf the web much on my iPad anyway so it’s not such a big deal for me but I still wish I had a better alternative. I tried Dolphin HD but I was never fond of it even on Android (I love real dolphins though but that’s not really important right now). I use Chrome on my PCs alongside Firefox and IE (9 and 10 in my case since I’m using either Windows 7 or Windows 8 Release Preview). I use Chrome 90% of the time though and have been using Chrome for Android for quite a while now. I love being able to easily sync my bookmarks and opened tabs back and forth with the browser I use most often so I was stoked when I learned that Google has now released Chrome for iOS. I downloaded it immediately! You may grab Chrome for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch through the App Store. Oh! And here’s a promo vid:

Happy Valentine’s Day… Angry Birds style!

Send Angry Birds Valentine's Cards

Send Angry Birds Valentine's cards on Facebook! Click on the image to go to the app.

If your loved one is an Angry Birds fan then sending an Angry Birds themed Valentine’s card would most likely make them happy. Head to the Facebook app and start sending! I wish I had a special someone so I can send one too but I guess I’ll just share this to those who might need it instead. Currently working in a country where Valentine’s day is basically illegal to celebrate in public doesn’t help too. Sigh!

The new Angry Birds Seasons title screen

On the other hand, you may download the new version of Angry Birds Seasons updated with 15 new Valentine’s Day themed levels! Grab… err… I mean borrow… your loved one’s iOS, Symbian, Palm or Android device and start downloading them from their respective app stores – or download it for yourself if you’re the actual fan. Just don’t blame me if your significant other decides to stay at home to play the game instead of going out on a date with you, okay?

Have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone!