SkyDrive web interface gets a Modern UI face-lift, jumps into Android territory with official app too


I’ve been a SkyDrive user for a long time though I have not used the service much because of its limitations back then. I preferred Dropbox over SkyDrive because it allowed no file size limits and an easier way to synchronize files. I started to use SkyDrive more through automatic backups of photos and videos I took with my HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone but not much else. Their web app was clunky and cross-platform syncing of files through an official app was missing so I stayed with using Dropbox as my main cloud-storage solution.

Things have changed for the better though as SkyDrive underwent a transition that I think makes it a better service than it was before. Microsoft introduced a Dropbox-esque Windows (Vista and higher) and Mac OS X Lion app – a feature I’ve been waiting for (you can grab them here). Apps for Windows Phone 7 and iOS devices were also introduced. Windows 8 has it integrated. Only two problems left: the web interface and Android official app availability.

Not anymore… goes modern!

I never really liked the web interface of SkyDrive which was one thing that caused me not to use it much but with the recent modernization of Microsoft web services starting with (which is pretty sweet!), SkyDrive’s change was inevitable. Meet the new SkyDrive!

If you loved then you’ll definitely love the new! Microsoft’s new Modern UI paradigm is simple, uncluttered and practically beautiful. Uploading files is as easy as dragging files onto the site. Managing folders and files has become a lot easier as well. The interface just works!

The next update of SkyDrive is said to be revealing some new features including a Recycle Bin which will allow users to recover files that they have deleted accidentally from their SkyDrive folders. I’m sure that will be useful to many. Until then, you may go to to try out the new web interface.

SkyDrive for Android: A beautiful marriage of Holo and Metro Modern UI

SkyDrive for Android running on Ice Cream Sandwich

Microsoft finally released an official SkyDrive app for Android finally reaching out to the users of Google’s mobile OS who had their hearts on SkyDrive. Before this, there were several unofficial apps on Android but none of them took my fancy. I welcomed the official app quite easily though. I commend Microsoft for making use of Holo design principles while making this app. It makes the app fit quite well in Android – something I really like. Want it? Head on to the Google Play Store to download it.


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