Pulse finally has a web app, plays best with Internet Explorer 10

Pulse web app interface

One of the apps I first used on my Galaxy Tab was Pulse and I loved it. It allowed me to view my favorite tech news site updates with ease. Later on I learned more about Pulse and learned that I could add custom feeds as well. I started feeding it my favorite anime fansub sites so that I could get updated about new episodes without viewing each site one by one on my browser which I used to do. I was hoping to write my own app to automatically update me about new episodes but my laziness got over me! Haha!

I then found out about Pulse.me syncing and when I bought my iPad 2, I happily synced it as well. Even my Windows Phone has Pulse, albeit the version there is somewhat lacking Pulse.me. The only thing missing was the ability to view my Pulse feeds through my browser and now I don’t have to wait any longer!


The Lucky☆Star girls approve!

If you use Pulse like I do and wish to take advantage of the new web interface, head on to their site and log in. They claim it works best in Internet Explorer 10 but I tried it in Internet Explorer 9, Chrome and Firefox and I haven’t seen any issues so far. The screenshot above is from the Metro Modern UI Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8 which also worked swimmingly.


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