Better late than never: My Windows Phone 8 UI concept

Windows Phone Summit

I wrote back in a former post that I made a Windows Phone 8 Start Screen UI concept. I have found my vector and proceeded to complete it. It’s quite late to show it now that Microsoft has shown the official Windows Phone 8 Start Screen but I guess it’s better late than never. I created this back on February then I totally forgot about it. Haha! Anyway, see it after the break.

Windows Phone 8 Start Screen UI Concept

Click to embiggen! The full image is 2767 x 2000 with a filesize of 1.41MB.

Notice that the arrow pointing to the app list is still there. The new and real Windows Phone 8 Start Screen won’t show that anymore. Also while Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 UI allows three sizes of tiles my concept allows for 11! That’s a lot of sizes!

Some might say this and even the official new Start Screen of Windows Phone 8 looks cluttered. I think it is actually a good thing to be able to have different sizes of tiles. For one, people’s minds sometimes identify things by recognizing patterns – at least I do it that way. Having multiple sizes and the freedom to put them anywhere enables us to create patterns that we can remember and so we can find things easier. To be honest, I can sometimes get lost in Windows Phone 7’s Start Screen because of having similar sized tiles almost all over and wished there were at least more wide tiles that I could use.

Note: On the area showing the Calendar in all possible sizes, I forgot to add the tall and tall half-width sizes! Tall tiles might have been useful but the half-width tall tile might be too thin to accommodate much of the textual information of the Calendar app anyway.


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