Galaxy Tab 7 Honeycomb port now at Alpha 2, Wifi finally works

My Galaxy Tab, courtesy of Samsung, has been with me for half a year already. Despite its huge size (for a phone that is), I’ve been using it as my primary phone since the day I received it via DHL. It has been stuck at Android version 2.2 or Froyo for quite a while until not very long ago the 2.3 Gingerbread update appeared in Italy. I immediately grabbed the Italian update and it’s what’s installed on my Galaxy Tab at the moment but I wish for something more. I want sweet Android version 3 or Honeycomb but Samsung does not seem to have any plans to port Honeycomb to the Galaxy Tab. I guess I should wait for someone to port Honeycomb to the tablet…

A screenshot of Honeycomb's homescreen

A screenshot of Honeycomb's homescreen

Wait? Wait no more! A Honeycomb port has been brewing over at XDA thanks to spacemoose1. The code is a port of the Honeycomb 3.0 SDK emulator as the Honeycomb source has not been released by Google yet.

The port is at version Alpha 2 at the time of writing. I’ve been keeping watch ever since I’ve heard about it and the new version adds wireless networking to the mix. It still is basically incomplete: only the CDMA version is available for download at the time of writing, 3G doesn’t work yet and there are a couple of bugs that need to be fixed but that’s to be expected of alpha software. If you’re interested head on to the Honeycomb Galaxy Tab XDA thread to watch its progress. A video review by chriskader is available after the break.


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