Fixed – BSoD Alert: Connectify 2.2 Crashes when Connecting to the Net with 3G Modems

It’s been months since my last post. I’ve been really busy with some stuff but anyway, I’m here to talk about a problem with Connectify 2.2. Searching the net I found quite some having the same problem as I have but there’s a lack of information on how to fix it.

Connectify is a nifty program that can turn Windows 7 into a wifi access point. I use it… well, used to. Right now it causes my PC to go haywire!

I installed Connectify on my new PC with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit at work. We have a network at my workplace but it is exclusive for local services and email so I use my own ZTE 3G/HSPA modem to connect to the internet. After installing Connectify v2.2 I started getting BSoD (that’s BlueScreen of Death) whenever I try to connect the modem to the internet. Annoying? Yes! Totally!

So, being the technician that I am, I couldn’t help but search for the problem and try to fix it myself. My troubleshooting led to the Connectify network service which causes a really bad conflict and showing me that sad BSoD screen that I haven’t seen in a very long time. A temporary fix was to uninstall the Connectify network service driver. I’ll keep it this way until a new update gets released. Crossing my fingers that such an update would fix this annoyance!

If you’re getting the same problem here’s a rundown on how to stop the BSoD from happening. Take not that this will make Connectify unusable too:

  1. Open the Network Connections window. Simply type “network connections” in the start menu’s search box and hit enter.
  2. Right click on any local network adapter. They are normally labelled Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection unless you or someone else changed them. Click on the Properties option.
  3. In the list under “This connection uses the following items:” search for Connectify. Highlight it and click on the uninstall button. Follow the prompts, if any, and proceed with the uninstall. You should now be able to connect to the net for now.

Let’s hope that an update would fix this problem soon.

Connectify 3.0 Beta fixes the problem. You may find the link to their Facebook note. I assume you may need a Facebook account and to like the Connectify page to access the note.

12 thoughts on “Fixed – BSoD Alert: Connectify 2.2 Crashes when Connecting to the Net with 3G Modems

  1. Works perfectly now, thank god! I didn’t even have to install the Microsoft hotfix mentioned on their Facebook page 🙂

  2. actlly i hav an android phone and i want to share my internet over my wifii lappy…

    finally i have found a software for this without even installing this…it is..
    u can try this…

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