Is that a bird?

Festo SmartBird

Yes it is! Well, somehow. It’s actually the Festo SmartBird. It can start, fly and land autonomously and best of all it doesn’t poop. Festo’s SmartBird is a beautiful flying machine (an ornithopter per se). It can be controlled remotely using ZigBee radio.

Measuring 1.07 meters long at the torso and with a wingspan of 2 meters, it’s amazing how it only weighs 485 grams. It was created using a lightweight carbon fiber structure and extruded polyurethane foam. Its body twists and flaps very much like a real bird so from afar you might really mistake it as one. I doubt it lands like a real bird though.

This graceful herring gull inspired flying robot is best viewed than described in words. Videos after the break.

Source: Festo


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