Playing MKV files with subtitles on the Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab's Video app in landscape mode

One of the things that I love about the Galaxy Tab is that it supports playing MKV videos, Full HD 1080p even – something that I find lacking in most of the devices that I see portable or otherwise. The Video app (pictured above) has been able to play most of the MKV wrapped anime and TV series that I throw into it sans those with embedded media using incompatible codecs but it lacked one very important aspect especially when anime is concerned – embedded subtitle support.

mVideoPlayer IconFortunately we have mVideoPlayer which enhances the MKV video playback capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy devices – Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S included! The application is a great replacement for the Galaxy device’s good but rather lackluster video player app as it enables the display of embedded and external subtitle tracks of various formats. Files with multiple subtitle tracks are supported and you can search and download subtitle files from within the app as well so you won’t have to worry about not being able to view subtitles for another language.

The app comes with it’s own video file manager which can be set to open video files from the folders that you prefer – your whole SD card will be scanned for videos by default. It will also respect .nomedia files by default but that can be changed if you so wished to.

mVideoPlayer in landscape mode with Sidebar open

mVideoPlayer works well on the Galaxy Tab and playback of HD video are not affected in any noticeable way as far as I’ve seen. There is a lag issue with displaying subtitles when resuming playback of videos but it’s minor in my opinion. You can just seek back to read what you missed. Users may change the font size and shadow color as much as they want but I wish there was a way to change the subtitle font and use outlines instead. The screenshot below shows just what the font looks like.

Playing anime with subtitles on the Galaxy Tab with mVideoPlayer

You may download the app for free through the Android Market. An ad-free Pro version exists but the developer said that Google suspended his account for being too young. If you want the ad-free version or if you wish to contribute to the developer’s hard work you may follow his instructions here.


One thought on “Playing MKV files with subtitles on the Galaxy Tab

  1. There is a professional converter – Avdshare Video Converter to convert the unsupported MKV to Samsung Galaxy.

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