Happy Valentine’s Day… Angry Birds style!

Send Angry Birds Valentine's Cards

Send Angry Birds Valentine's cards on Facebook! Click on the image to go to the app.

If your loved one is an Angry Birds fan then sending an Angry Birds themed Valentine’s card would most likely make them happy. Head to the Facebook app and start sending! I wish I had a special someone so I can send one too but I guess I’ll just share this to those who might need it instead. Currently working in a country where Valentine’s day is basically illegal to celebrate in public doesn’t help too. Sigh!

The new Angry Birds Seasons title screen

On the other hand, you may download the new version of Angry Birds Seasons updated with 15 new Valentine’s Day themed levels! Grab… err… I mean borrow… your loved one’s iOS, Symbian, Palm or Android device and start downloading them from their respective app stores – or download it for yourself if you’re the actual fan. Just don’t blame me if your significant other decides to stay at home to play the game instead of going out on a date with you, okay?

Have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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