Win Galaxy Tab Promotion: The Last Day!

Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Today’s the last day for the Win Galaxy Tab promotion from Samsung! 4 lucky winners will be chosen. I wonder who they will be. Good luck to those who participated! We can expect to hear an announcement in the next couple of days or maybe next week.

The Samsung C7000 series

The Samsung C7000 series 3DTV is the winning prize for the best Ambassador. I hope I can win this!

Four Galaxy Tab Ambassadors will also be chosen based on their videos and activities. Being a Galaxy Tab Ambassador I’m already quite nervous about who Samsung would pick. There are 20 Ambassadors. Most of them have fulfilled the tasks given to us so it’s a tough fight. The prizes are as follows (arranged from the first to fourth prize):

  1. Samsung C7000 LED 3DTV
    I don’t have any idea about the screen size (most likely a 40-incher) but I’m aiming for this one! My Galaxy Tab was a great Christmas gift from Samsung. On the other hand, this would be an awesome birthday gift if I do win it!
  2. Samsung NX10 camera
    The specs on this camera is sweet. I won’t mind getting it if I by chance I got second place instead.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S
    This Android-powered phone is like the smaller sibling of the Galaxy Tab. They share almost the same specs other than the obvious differences. Winning third place will not be bad at all.
  4. Samsung Wave
    Unfortunately, I don’t have much information about which phone model it will be but my guess is that they’ll be giving away a S8500. The Wave series phones are powered by Samsung’s Bada platform.

Anyway, thanks to all who commented, liked, shared and rated my videos! If I won any of the above prizes it would be because of everyone who helped me realize it! It was a wonderful experience and I hope I get the chance to do this all over again!

PS: The promotion may end tonight but expect to see more videos about the Galaxy Tab (and other stuff) on my YouTube Channel! Once I hear about the winners on both camps I’ll be posting their names in this blog too!


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