Android Live Wallpapers: WP Clock

WP Clock

Two screenshots of WP Clock running on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Click on the image for full resolution.

I’ve been sifting through the Android Market looking for nice looking live wallpapers for my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I’ve tried quite a number of them, many of them render in 3D but they seem to drag the application menu a bit. Also I prefer simple things and I love typographic art which is why WP Clock caught my eye. Like I always say: Simplicity is beauty.

My first impression was that it looked quite like the lock screen of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. It is no lock screen though. The full version of WP Clock – $0.68 at the time of writing from the Market – features more customization options compared to the light version which is free. Such customizations include text opacity and outlines, animation effects, and a slideshow feature. You may change the wallpaper to your own images on both versions. It looks great on the Galaxy Tab and it should look nice on smaller screens too.

I kinda like it so I’m using it now as you could see in the screenshots above. If you like it grab them from the Market through the links below:

If you like it too please let me know! It may take some trial-and-error to find the perfect images for it but the effect can be beautiful when you do find it. Generally, if you’re going to use the text looks great when opacity is low so you have to use images that contrasts the text color which could either be black or white.


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