Android Live Wallpaper: Living Music Wallpaper

Living Music Wallpaper

A series of screenshots showing Living Music Wallpaper in various situations and configurations on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Click on the image to see the full resolution.

I’m having a roll on live wallpapers today! Here’s another live wallpaper that grabbed my attention. It’s called Living Music Wallpaper and it was inspired by the Zune app in Windows and looks so much like the music playback background in Windows Media Center for Windows 7. It has many configuration options like animation, album art size, special effects and other stuff. It grabs the album art from your music collection and lays them out as your wallpaper.

Living Music Wallpaper looks great on the Galaxy Tab despite the temporary hiccups. It lags initially when moving between different homescreen pages but it would work normally after a few swipes. The widget that comes with it doesn’t work and the Now Playing feature doesn’t seem to do anything. Otherwise, it really looks nice. It has the cool-factor – at least, that’s my opinion.

You may download it from the market if you like what you see in the image above. You may also download the app from the creator’s website if you don’t have Market installed. By the way, it’s totally free!


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