How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you’ve been browsing Android-centric websites you have probably heard about rooting. If you have a geeky friend with an Android phone or tablet he or she would have recommended to have your Galaxy Tab rooted. You might know about rooting but you’re curious if it was possible on the Galaxy Tab or you might be a total newbie when it comes to anything Android. Regardless, this article will talk about rooting, the benefits and the process of unlocking the Galaxy Tab’s full potential.

What is rooting?

Rooting is the process of modifying the operating system to gain full control over a device. Basically, it’s a way to unlock protected areas of your phone or tablet so that you can do stuff you can’t normally do with it.

The word “root” comes from the Linux operating system. The most privileged user (or administrator in the Windows world) is called “root”.

Rooting can provide you the following benefits although many of them will require some tinkering:

  • Full control over the Android operating system
    Access and modify system files, delete stock or native applications, or change the boot images.
  • Back up the system
    Completely backup your device so you can restore it in case things go haywire.
  • Save precious storage space
    Move apps to the SD card when you’re running low on space.
  • Increase device performance
    You can move the system cache to the SD card to speed up the system or overclock your device.
  • Run root-only applications
    Some apps from the market require root permissions to run properly.
  • Install custom ROMs
    Enhance your device with custom-built ROMs.

Some people can think that rooting a device is equal to installing a custom ROM. Rooting is simply applying root privileges to a device without changing the operating system while installing a custom ROM does the latter.

Doing any of the above could potentially mess up your device’s software so attempt only if you have the skills (and guts) to do so. Before deleting or moving apps or installing custom ROMs make sure you have done a backup first. For specific guides on how to do that search is you friend. Also rooting would most likely void your device’s warranty. If you don’t want that then this article isn’t for you.

Like what you’ve just read? Let’s root your Galaxy Tab then!

Despite my rather harsh warning up there rooting is usually a very simple process. In this article we’ll use the SuperOneClick app which worked like a charm when I rooted my Galaxy Tab.


SuperOneClick running in Windows 7.

I won’t elaborate much on the steps below as I will assume that you’ve got enough know-how to even attempt rooting your own device:

  1. Install the Samsung Kies software. It came along with your Galaxy Tab in a mini-disc (at least it was on mine) or download it from Samsung’s support site of your region.
  2. Download SuperOneClick and extract it to your desktop or any other location you prefer.
  3. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy Tab and connect it your computer via USB cable. Make sure Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging mode is off and sync with Kies.
  4. Disconnect the cable and enable USB debugging mode.
  5. Reconnect the USB cable once more. If Samsung Kies attempts to connect just press the home button to stop it.
  6. Go to the folder where you extracted SuperOneClick and run it. Click on the “Root” button then wait until the application confirms that your Galaxy Tab is rooted.
  7. Reboot the device.

Congratulations! You now have a rooted Galaxy Tab!

If you do wish to unroot your device you may use the same steps above but instead of pressing the “Root” button you’ll press the “Unroot” button instead.

I have another Android phone/tablet, can I root my device too using this guide?

Well, yes but it depends. You’ll have to make sure that SuperOneClick supports your device and the steps above may not be the same. If it isn’t supported don’t fret just yet. Try searching the web for guides on how to root your device. It should be around there somewhere.

So far I’ve tested this same app on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 aside from my Galaxy Tab. It could work with similar devices.


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