Kanade Wage/Overtime Calculator

Kanade alpha

A screenshot showing Kanade alpha after calculating a wage. The background wallpaper is Microsoft's Nanami Madobe if you're curious.

I’ve been working on a project which I call Kanade. It’s a simple wage/overtime calculator that helps me calculate my salary for next month. I used to calculate my wage normally but it’s a bother so I decided to write this app.

The latest version is alpha. It has multiple salary calculation modes (monthly, daily and hourly rates) and a switchable details panel with animation when hiding. It now remembers the settings from its last use and can be configured to forget them if the user desires. This version is now quite usable. Some of the menu items don’t work though but that’s a minor issue.

I plan to add more features to Kanade and optimize its code. I don’t know if I’ll release this application to the public but if I do I’ll post about it in this blog.

… and for those who might ask: the background image is Nanami Madobe – the official kanban musume of Microsoft Windows 7 in Japan! かわいいでしょう?;)


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