Samsung MENA: Galaxy Tab Ambassador and the new Galaxy Tab Giveaway promo!


Here's my Galaxy Tab kindly provided to me by Samsung. Pretty eh?

I was one of the lucky 20 guys who were chosen to become the Galaxy Tab Ambassador for Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It was totally unexpected but I’m very grateful for Samsung’s kind gesture of picking me from the lot! I received my Galaxy Tab through DHL last December 21, 2010. An awesome Christmas gift you might say! I’m having so much fun with it ever since.

Additionally, Samsung MENA is giving away 4 spanking new Galaxy Tabs again! Read further to know the details on how to participate in the promotion.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7″ Android-powered smartphone, tablet, media player, ebook reader, you name it! Some people think that the screen size is rather small for a tablet but, in my opinion, it’s just perfect. Being able to hold it in one hand is a plus factor and the weight is just right.

The Galaxy Tab is a stunner. I’m a sucker for minimalist yet functional design and I just love how Samsung decided on the contrasting front and back. The front is made of Gorilla glass, a tough scratch and impact-resistant alkali-aluminosilicate material. It is a fingerprint magnet but isn’t tough to clean. On the other hand, the plastic back isn’t as tough so it begs to be protected. If only I could find some sort of case or silicon skin for it around here in Saudi Arabia. I guess I have to wait a little longer.

Anyway, as mentioned above, Samsung is giving away 4 Galaxy Tabs for the MENA region once again! It’s open to residents of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Pakistan, whether you’re a national or an expatriate like me. To join the promotion you must have a Facebook account. If you do, head straight to the Galaxy Tab MENA fan page. Make sure to like the page. Once that is done, hit the Win Galaxy Tab app tab on the fan page and click on the Go to gallery> button. To win, you must actively participate on the videos that we (the Ambassadors) have uploaded. Don’t forget to like, rate, comment and share my videos (Find the “by Danzen Binos” videos). I’d really appreciate it! Good luck and see you there!


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