Knowing Google Search

Google Classic - This is how a search engine might become without the internet.

Google Classic - This is how a search engine might become without the internet.

Virtually everyone who uses the internet knows about Google Search. For the very few who might not know about it, Google Search (let’s call it Google from now on) is a web search engine that allows users to find webpages by simply using keywords. Google is the most-used search engine in the Web with several hundred million queries each day. Despite the large number of users, only a small percentage are probably using Google’s real potential.

In this article I shall share tips on how to optimize searches in Google.

This is how looked like today, January 1, 2011.

This is how looked like on New Year, January 1, 2011.

Google’s home page is rather plain, don’t you think? Yet, its simplicity is what makes it a gem. Not only does the simple layout make it easier to use, it loads much faster too. The only parts of the Google homepage that most users will use are the text box where users input their keyword queries, and the Google Search button.

What about the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button? What is it for?

The special I’m Feeling Lucky button will take you to the first result that your search query fetches. This is most useful when your keywords are very specific such as a name of a company or person. For example, searching for google will bring you nowhere but back to the Google home page and searching for wikipedia will take you to It’s pretty straightforward but be warned that it will not magically take you where you actually want to go. For most cases the I’m Feeling Lucky button just doesn’t make users feel lucky at all.

On another note, ever since Google Instant was released last September, the I’m Feeling Lucky button became unclickable with Instant Search enabled as the search results were “instantly” retrieved when the search box is filled with text. Instant Search may be disabled via Google’s preferences menu which can be found through the Search Settings link located on the right top side of Google pages if one wishes to do so.

What is Google Instant Search?

Google released what they call Instant Search last September, 2010. As its name says, Instant Search will immediately return results as the user enters text in the search box negating the need to click on the search button. This new feature is said to save a few seconds of a user’s time but there is concern that it could cause bias towards businesses or search terms.

As stated before, Instant Search may be disabled through Google’s preferences menu.

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