010111: The birth of BinarySauce!


あけましておめでとうございます!In other words: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! My name’s Danzen and I’m the blogger behind BinarySauce! I used to manage another blog called FischSauce, a blog which BinarySauce will be replacing. I’ll be manually moving posts from there to here and fix problems along the way. Before you say it, I do know about exporting and importing blogs as I have done that before but I still choose to do things the hard way. Explanation after the break.

FischSauce has been with me for more than a year now and I moved it once to a real domain called Cryptochrome. I successfully ran that blog and exported my former FischSauce posts to the new address. Unfortunately, things got out of hand financially so I had to bail out and cancel my hosting. This forced me to re-import the new posts to Fischsauce but that caused some problems. Images went MIA, links got messed up and it became a cobweb of difficulties other than the fact that FischSauce sounded more like a food blog than a computing-centric one. I tried to fix things but I eventually gave up… therefore BinarySauce was born.

So what’s with the name?

The new blog is just like FischSauce: a mash-up of information, news and tips mostly relevant to computing or technology but sometimes with random spices – in other words a sauce of various information! That said, I didn’t want to take the word “sauce” out of the equation so I thought about how to make it sound more computing-related. That’s where “binary” fits and so it became BinarySauce. Besides, isn’t the current date when written in MMDDYY format somewhat like binary? 010111, that is. What better name to give my new blog!

Additionally, this new blog will feature most of the same posts as FischSauce but they will have updated content and images whenever I feel the need. Watch out this space as the content start rolling in.

See you again soon!


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